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Standing on top of this mountain yesterday was the first time in months that I felt a hint of cold, the coming of winter. Sorry if you hate winter, but it’s on the way. For $11.50 I’ll tell you what skis to buy and point you to your nearest ski school and stick your feet in an ice bath and your face in a wind tunnel. Then you’ll like winter. You’ll still hate the cold, but you’ll like winter. Because contrary to what you may believe, just because one likes skiing does NOT mean one likes being cold.

roam Only 11.50! That’s a deal Brody.

5 days ago
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Lots of time spent at lower elevations and even running on pavement recently meant that I was really feeling an otherwise-casual lap yesterday. When I was 18 I decided to move closer to mountains not only for college but for life. At the time, I wasn’t a consistent runner and I certainly wasn’t a climber or backcountry skier. I never would have guessed what this move would allow me to be doing 13 years later. At the same time, it would have been hard to foresee the sacrifice and hustle it would take to make it work—like, really work, in an actual, sustainable way—, living so far from my family and friends. From my communication with some of you, it’s clear that I’m not alone in trying to balance the risk and reward, the cost and benefit of various lifestyle changes. I certainly won’t ever tell you what to do, but I can definitely say that I literally can’t imagine where my life would be without taking a risk that felt both right and wrong, but a risk I’d otherwise always regret not taking. Thank you to @garminoutdoor and @goalzero for making the products I need and use. If any of you ever have questions about the products I use, why I use them, or the ways in which I use them, hit me up!

garminoutdoor We’re glad to partner with someone so passionate about spending time outdoors and putting our products to the test. Keep crushing it!

6 days ago
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Went to the american Europe for the afternoon, found the smallest bear I’ve ever seen, tried to figure out a way to share the experience with you. I came up with the very novel solution of posting pictures on the internet. I hope you made some time to get outside this weekend. It’s proven to help us lead better, happier, more productive lives. @goalzero

1 weeks ago
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From the Road: Glacier National Park edition

andy_best Love that place so much

2 weeks ago
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Please know how much I appreciate you here on @instagram. Staring at a phone isn’t my idea of a good time, so I’m really mindful of when and how often I do so, and I only do it in hopes of you getting something positive out of it. While I don’t offer unsolicited life advice or cute quotes or incredible photography or...well, a lot of the stuff that the other people you follow probably offer...I hope to make up for it in this very real account of a very real person trying to navigate life without ever choosing the easy route. I also choose to be active on Twitter, my personal and professional Facebook accounts, and Strava. Between trying to please the algorithms and actually doing the work that pays the bills, it ends up being a little more screen time than I want. Fortunately, most of the folks I interact with on these screens are friendly, well-intentioned people. That means a lot to me, because if it wasn’t a positive experience I found here on my little screen, I wouldn’t be here. So, thanks for being cool. That’s all. If we ever see one another and you happen to recognize me, I hope you’ll say hello. It’d be my pleasure to meet you. 🙋‍♂️

roam Couldn’t have said it better ✌🏽

2 weeks ago
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Hate hiking, exercise, and sweat? Or perhaps you’re unable. That doesn’t mean you necessarily hate nature, wildlife, or vacations in beautiful places. Allow me to introduce you to Montana’s Glacier National Park. It has to be one of the best parks in our NPS system for staying within 150 feet of your vehicle. I believe this is also the reason for its significant issue with traffic, maintenance, and irresponsible visitors. I was there last week. While I went quite far from the vehicle many times, I also took all of these pictures less than two minutes from the car. Have you visited? What was your experience?

2 weeks ago
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🦟Mosquitos at every campsite right now. High, low, hot, cold, they’re everywhere. But getting some enjoyment from this van feels awfully fulfilling considering how much I put into it over the past year. If only I could find a mechanic willing to help me get it up hills faster, I could finally be *done* with it. This is a typical camp scene within 90 minutes of my house. Unfortunately this campsite also had the names of many of its past visitors carved into the Aspen trees surrounding it. Did you know an Aspen clone in Utah is the larger living organism on Earth, given its massive underground root system? It is also in the process of dying. Here, I would typically say, “Aren’t we all,” but that isn’t the case for trees. They can be growing, thriving, surviving. But not the world’s largest organism, it’s dying due to human interference. Please don’t carve into rocks or trees in nature. I don’t think there are many “incorrect” ways to behave in nature, given it’s perhaps the one place we are free to express ourselves however we see fit, but this is one of the few. It’s disrespectful to other visitors and it leaves a permanent scar on our ever-decreasing sense of wild. I promise it’s as enjoyable to be around thriving trees as it is to harm them.

2 weeks ago
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No more earrings for me. For more than half my life, I’ve had earrings. I remember my mom taking me to the shopping mall back home in northeastern Ohio when I was 15. We went to one of those Claire’s stands in the middle of the aisles and a college-aged girl pierced my ears with little silver spikes. I have no idea why I wanted to do it, why I did it, or why I’ve kept them all these years. I’ve never had a rebellious stage, my parents have always been supportive, and none of the popular boys at school were piercing their ears. So why did I? To this day, I don’t think of myself as someone with earrings, I don’t notice them when I look in the mirror, and I wonder what image they present to others. Are my earrings one of the first things someone notices about me? Or do they go unnoticed, like they do to me? I pretty much just ignored them until they caused an issue. They smell bad, they fall out and I have to replace them, and they probably portray an image that I’m not trying to portray. They’ve just been little things in my ears…until recently. My last grandparent, my dad’s mom, passed away a month ago. We called her Mom Mom. She was three months shy of 100 years old and I loved her dearly and spoke with her often, though I only saw her once a year for my entire life. The night before her Philadelphia funeral, I decided to remove my little black studs. By the next morning, the little pen-sized holes in my ears had visibly closed. If I remember correctly, I actually used to shove pens through my ears in high school. And now, at age 31, it’s time to pull them out. Before removing them, @jordanherschel took these pictures of me to memorialize this teenage decision. A few weeks later, the holes are pretty much invisible and I’ve quickly forgotten that I ever had earrings. The holes won’t stay with me, but Mom Mom’s acceptance of everyone, warm welcome, and progressive mindset certainly will.

roam Great story Brody!

jordanherschel Look at this handsome devil. I had my ears pierced when I was younger and the holes never completely closed 😂

2 weeks ago
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Hiking with one of the strongest people last time I was home. 💪

roam Awesome shots Brody!

3 weeks ago
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There’s likely an organization that focuses entirely on improving, preserving, or protecting areas you care about. They could probably use a hand. Volunteering with them doesn’t necessarily mean maintaining trails or calling neighbors asking for money. It can mean lots of things. If you benefit from the natural landscape you likely benefit from volunteers working to protect it. I implore you to learn about your local organizations and take a few minutes to look into what you can do, that fits in your schedule and motivation, to help.

3 weeks ago
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Places worth protecting. Is there a place, meaningful to you, that is at risk? What is the threat and what do you see as a possible solution? The mountain range I moved cross-country to enjoy, Utah’s Wasatch, is under constant abuse and an impending threat of overpopulation, underregulation, and misunderstanding. The Salt Lake population is supposedly going to double in the next 25 years. Where will we and our new neighbors recreate? How will ski resorts and trailheads manage the influx? How the heck will we regulate our water? What about the traffic, the air pollution, tourism, Olympics, parking, and avalanches? It’s honestly overwhelming for me to try to comprehend. Sometimes I feel like it’d be better for me to just move somewhere... emptier? But most of the time I understand that it’s more important for me to stay, grow my attachment, and do what I can. Right now, sitting at my computer this morning, I’m not sure what that is. Other times, it is so clear to me.

roam Appreciate your thoughts here Brody.

3 weeks ago
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Three key ingredients for a day of rock climbing. (PS that is a @frontrunneroutfitters rack on the van. They make racks for all types of vehicles...even right-hand-drive vans from the 90’s.)

3 weeks ago
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