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We talk a lot about user design and how, for example, websites have to be friendly and easy to use for people to actually stick around. The market has clearly understood that the user provides the most essential feedback of all. User feedback is a thoroughly used and respected tool in almost everything else but architecture. Which is rather ironic taking in consideration the actual purpose of architecture. _ That for example this 2005 house. The top floor is an absolute intriguing place where somebody decided to completely ignore how families actually function in their natural habitat. Reaching both the laundry room and the main bathroom through the master bedroom is most definitely going to destroy any chance of zen/intimate time for the main providers of the household. _ The bedroom is supposed to be the quiet place where one can relax. But here, your kids will go by the foot of the bed on their way to the bathroom. Your teenager will remember to do a laundry run and 11 pm when you can barely keep your eyes open and can’t feel your feet. Your screaming teenagers will fight over the bathroom to get ready for a party. Your intimate time will be severely diminished, put on a schedule, and a lock will become your best friend. _ _ Read the full text and explanation on the website. Link in bio. Just look for “-Re” House no 29 under Articles. _ _ _ _ _ #archidaily #archilovers #architecture#twinmotion #showitbetter#illustrarch #thebna #studioofblo#arcfly #ArchiRe #home #makelaar#render #realestate#architecture_hunter#amazingarchitecture#architecturedesign#creativearchitecture #eclectic#design #nederland #interiordesign#wonen #arquitectura #minimalism#kondo #pimpmyplan

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