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pepsicola perhaps?? 😳👉👈 . . . . . . #homestuck #pepsicola #johndave #johnegbert #davestrider #davekat

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👐 #suuuuuuuuuuu #wutanghoodie #enterthe36chambers 🔥🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

January 2019
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Instagram vs reality, fitness edition 🙂🐸☕️ . INSTAGRAM FAT LOSS: ❌ “Fat blasting workout” carousel swipe videos with high rep, submaximal plyometrics, low rest, and mostly Tom foolery. ❌ Skinny teas. ❌Don’t eat dairy, grains, carbs, fats, basically anything besides air and ice chips. ❌Fasting. ❌8 weeks to your dream body. . REALITY OF FAT LOSS: ✅Moderate calorie deficit (10-15% reduction in calories). ✅Structured resistance training to maintain muscle mass. ✅Adequate protein intake for muscle maintenance, blood sugar balance, and satiety. ✅Stress management, recovery, sleep, nutrient dense foods. ✅Time. . INSTAGRAM MUSCLE BUILDING: ❌More “fat blasting” carousel workouts because, as a woman, all you should care about is fat loss ALL THE TIME. ❌30 sets per workout, ESPECIALLY for glutes. ❌10-20 different exercises per workout to “cover your bases.” ❌”Building” for 8 weeks, then dieting again. . REALITY OF MUSCLE BUILDING: ✅Eating somewhere between maintenance and a moderate surplus (depending on your body and goals). ✅Lowered cardio volume but ENOUGH to keep CV health and training recovery in check. ✅Sufficient weekly volume to progress. ✅4-6 movements, executed WELL and with INTENSITY, per training session. ✅Stress management, recovery, sleep, nutrient dense foods. ✅Time. . Weird how ❌most of the most “engagement worthy” content is... not based in any science of any kind. ❌most IG methods... don’t actually work and just keep you spinning your wheels. ✅Stuff that works HAS worked for a long time and will CONTINUE to work. ✅Stuff that WORKS isn’t sexy. . Hmmph. Interesting. . #JackedNNerdy #AndSassy

October 2019
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March 2019
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Watching Furious 7 today with mom

April 2015
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November 2018
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We have our poster up!! Fingers crossed we are lucky enough to be picked!! Our beautiful kids deserve this trip of a lifetime! #saturdaynighttakeaway #disneyworld

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Using reusable facial pad is a great alternative to using conventional facial pad. Not only it is great for your skin but it is also good the environment. It can reduce trash and cost saving for long term. Our reusable facial pad is handmade from bamboo terry organic cotton. There are 2 layers which is a size of hand palm. It is super soft and you can use both sides. It is suitable for cleaning your face and remove makeup. We will share more on using reusable facial pad in our story again. Please stay tune. DM us if interested. . . . . #reusable #sustainable #sustainableliving #zerowastemalaysia #nowaste #wasteless #ecofriendly #gogreen #bamboocotton #facialpad #facialround #facialsquare #washable #malaysia #pad #organic #skincare #facial #personalcare #makeup #toner #zerowasteliving #zerowastejourney #zerowastehome #savetheplanet

September 2019
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