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I think about Scotland everyday.

6 days ago
#EastBeach #SantaBarbara sunrise
5 days ago
I love you my bro, but you are squeezing me too tight again!#mybrother #brothers #squeeze #hugs #brotherlove #dogsofinstagram

I love you my bro, but you are squeezing me too tight again! #mybrother #brothers #squeeze #hugs #brotherlove #dogsofinstagram

2 weeks ago
Lights | Season’s greetings

Lights | Season’s greetings

5 days ago

DREAM HOME | Otway Expansive openings throughout this home capture the surrounding natural elements which are reflected in the interiors palette. . . . Photographer | @christopherfrederickjones . #australianarchitecture #brisbanearchitecture #architecture #australiandesign #design #house #housedesign #moderndesign #interiordesign #dreamhomes #timstewartarchitects

5 days ago
teaaalexis 's post in instagram at Thu, 12 Dec 2019
4 days ago
Fantastic view of Dona Marta - Rio de Janeiro/Brazil

Fantastic view of Dona Marta - Rio de Janeiro/Brazil

5 days ago
Instal @sohobeachhouse for @artbasel coming along nicely. 🤘🤘🤘🌪. “8th St Miami, 2019”Medium: 34x41”Edition of 5 + 2AP. Enquiries: link in BIO 🙏🙏

Instal @sohobeachhouse for @artbasel coming along nicely. 🤘🤘🤘🌪. “8th St Miami, 2019” Medium: 34x41” Edition of 5 + 2AP. Enquiries: link in BIO 🙏🙏

3 weeks ago
.lunchtime site tour of #blokchapelhill : a collaboration with @blokmod/#brisbanemodern #blokmodular #vokesandpeters

. lunchtime site tour of #blokchapelhill : a collaboration with @blokmod / #brisbanemodern #blokmodular #vokesandpeters

4 days ago

[SWIPE 👉] The world’s watersheds are a vital component of our planet’s well-being. They are the filtration systems for the world’s fresh water, their ecology home to myriad species of plant and animal life, their wild spaces integral to humanity’s well-being. Dalal Hanna is a freshwater ecologist and National Geographic Explorer. She grew up exploring the rivers and lakes of rural Quebec and Ontario, a passion that has her pursuing a PhD at McGill University and sharing her wisdom on the intricacies of watershed health with youth. In our third installment of a virtual reality project we’re working on in partnership with National Geographic and YouTube VR, we follow Dalal as she heads on research expeditions into the wilds north of Quebec City and Ottawa, two bustling Canadian metropolis’ fed by beautiful, albeit complex river systems when it comes to protection, land-use, recreation, and human development. @natgeo, @insidenatgeo @dalal_el_hanna @steve.hendo @sherpascinema @mitchellgscott @elloriemcknight @pattersonimages @reveredcinema @m_sangy @davemossop

4 weeks ago
Remodelación Casa IArquitecto: @cicruz @cristianlecaroscox @sofiaebner Fotógrafo: @zeubeUbicación: Región Metropolitana, Chile.....#estudiovaldesarquitectos #estudiovaldes #palopintao #verco_chile

Remodelación Casa I Arquitecto: @cicruz @cristianlecaroscox @sofiaebner Fotógrafo: @zeube Ubicación: Región Metropolitana, Chile . . . . . #estudiovaldesarquitectos #estudiovaldes #palopintao #verco_chile

2 days ago

**NEW WEBSITE LIVE** (link in my bio). —— 1 order of business: 99.985% of you are viewing IG on your phone. While the new site’s mobile platform is great, in order to fully appreciate @codyscapes genius, pull it up on a laptop/desktop ----- For over a year, I’ve been bugging, harassing, stalking, offering to spoon, and generally annoying Cody Wilson in an attempt to get him to build me a new site. Why Cody? Because he’s brilliant at design and computers and a creative genius. My photographs are like me: exceedingly average. But my mediocre shots looked like total snarge on my previous site. (Yes, snarge is a word. Look it up). When Cody finally broke down 6 months ago and told me he was thinking about getting into the website building business, I gave him one small task. Make my images look sharp when viewed on my website. And just like that, Sharp Sites was born. Collaborating with me is no easy task. Cody has put in literally hundreds of hours of blood, sweat, and tears building this beast from the ground up. Every detail you see if his masterpiece. From my new logo (which is brilliant when you realize I’m a pilot) to the little shutter square and name that appears when you hover over an image in a gallery, the creative little touches he dreamed up have totally floored me. My photography is kind of like me on my wedding day. Take a plain looking guy out of his sweats and put him in some nice clothes, and you can fool a lot of people into thinking he's actually sort of handsome. Well, my images are now wearing a Prince Harry-inspired Royal Blue suit. I could not be more proud and honored to have the inaugural Sharp Site. I am 100% convinced that Cody’s new venture offers the best value in website creation in the world. Will you be the next proud owner of a Sharp Site?

5 days ago

Moody Lofoten - I got plenty of that and even more during my last trip. Luckily there was a break in the storms so that I could start my drone and take this incredible panorama. Since Ig isn’t the perfect place for this format, I show you both: a tight crop and the full version. . . . . . #shotfromabove #norway #lofoten #aerialviews #aerialimage #aerialshots #aerialdrone #aerialview #fromabove #aerialshot #germandrones #shotz_from_above #droneglobe #dronestagram #dronephotography #dronesdaily #dronefly #dronelife #droneshots #drone #birdseyeview #aerialphotographer #aerialphotograph #aerialphotos #aerialphotography

2 days ago

Which season is best for the Fallingwater? 😍 Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter? Fallingwater and seven other Frank Lloyd Wright sites received inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List this year. Fallingwater joins architectural wonders such as the Pyramids of Egypt and the Taj Mahal in India. The Fallingwater is designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is located in Mill Run, Pennsylvania // Photo courtesy of Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.

3 days ago
Bòn Fèt #GEDE 🇭🇹

Bòn Fèt #GEDE 🇭🇹

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