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You might have seen this around but our Transformers IDW gen 1 themed zine is up for pre ordering. We have 53 contributors and over 80 pages of content. Everyone has worked incredibly hard and theres some gorgeous images, photography and fiction in this book. There will also be a bundle edition available. You can check it out via Twitter @ snapshotstfzine and can preorder at tffanzine.bigcartel .com Thank you for looking!! . . . #transformers #maccadam #taao #mtmte #lostlight #optimusprime #tf comics #tf zine #sotw #lsotw #transformersidw

April 2019
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This February, we’ll be going back to the very beginning of The Salt Box and giving all our new follower friends a little insight into what we’re all about. From meeting the team and our style of food, to our ethos and core values, details on the type of events/courses we run and a snapshot into our location here on the Priory Farm Estate 🏡 . . . . THE BEGINNING 🔥. . . . In late 2016, we (Christian and Beckie) met through the one and only @dorkingbutchery, where together with a handful of enthusiastic locals who all worked in food, organised a couple of pop-up events in the Dorking area 🍴. . . . We started dating, and the classic career question of “if you could do ANYTHING, what would you do?” cropped up, as both of us weren’t particularly happy in our work lives. Just under a year later, The Salt Box was born - and it truly is both of our passions and dreams all rolled into one 🌲. . . . In our first 18 months, we both worked various other jobs as we built our little business. We would host one supper club a month, jumping for joy that we’d managed to fill 15-20 seats as we crammed as many people into wonderful little cafes such as @thedorkingdeli and @cullendersdeli 😆. . . . Like so many new business owners, we’d work a 9-5 and then a 5-11. But it didn’t really matter, as although they may have been baby steps, that period gave us the opportunity to explore our local food scene, build a customer base and figure out all the ins and outs of running a business. In hindsight, we really wouldn’t have changed a thing 🙃. . . . #smallbusiness #aboutus #newbusiness #businessgrowth #thebeginning #thesaltboxuk #feastinspirerewild #surreybusiness #smallbusinesssurrey #surreyfood #businessowners #followyourdreams

February 2020
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Eigentlich wäre heute wieder Heiraten angesagt. Eine schöne Sommerhochzeit mit über hundert Gästen. Das ist aktuell leider noch nicht wieder möglich, und deshalb wurde verschoben. Was ich absolut verstehe, denn wen sollte man ausladen? . Momentan darf man mit 50 Leuten wieder feiern. Ohne Maske, also so richtig in echt. Mal schauen, wann wir wieder westfälische Ausmaße erreichen 😅 . #weddingweekend #instabraut #fckcorona #friyay #bohowedding #sommerhochzeit #outdoorwedding #zelthochzeit

4 weeks ago
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Bizim serüvenimiz Nisa Deniz 2 günlüktü burda doğduğunda bebek akneleri vardı kızarıklıklarda 40 gün devam etti 2 ay kontrolümüzde vücudundaki kızarıkların çoğalması ve yaraların dahada oluşmasından sonra alerji olabilme ihtimalimizi sunmuştu mamamıI değiştirip katı diyete başlamıştık kremler ve siyetle 1 ayda vücudu kendini toplamaya başlamıştı gatta örnekleri alındı mukusdan dolayı temiz çıkmıştı mukusu alerjiden kaynaklandığını söylemişti doktorumuz ve biz 2 aylıkken başladık serüvenimize #çocuklarvealerji #alerjikbebekler #bebekaknesi #atopikegzama #sütyumurtaalerjisi 💖#kįzkìzkïzâ

5 days ago
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