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🌈 I brought a question to my yoga practice this morning—this THING I have been needing to work out. I frequently envision my own confidence as a rainbow ~~Full of color, hope, and dimension. 🌈This chaotic time has presented a struggle in that regard, and many of us feel it. It feels...stormy. Hard to clear. It is a time of isolation, fear, disquiet. I questioned how to clear this darkness. 🌈As I meditated on these thoughts on the mat, I envisioned a bright white 💡 on each inhale. When I exhaled, I could “see” that I could refract the light into 🌈 again. 🌈 The a-ha moment is this: WE are all like prisms. Currently, everyone is feeling darkness and disquiet. It is only in feeding our souls with LIGHT that we can deliver more goodness. 🌈 I also realized that no matter how hard I try to do this, if those I connect with aren’t in the same space, I take on that energy. Now OBVIOUSLY I use social media as a critical part of my business (and cannot avoid it), but I’m spending more and more time down the rabbit hole of virus and vitriol that is so common right now. 🌈 I am remembering the wise words this mom speaks to my own kids when social media is too much—the Facebook app is coming off my phone. Twitter is coming off. I will, for my business and my brand, have dedicated “office time” where I can check in, but only when my head is straight, when I’ve absorbed enough white light to share my rainbows 🌈 • 📷@juliekahlbaugh • • • #mentalhealth #anxietymanagement #socialmediadetox #rainbows🌈 #bethelightinthedarkness #fillyourcup #confidenceisbeauty #confidencecoaching

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