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Llegar al #gym en la mañana sin ganas de comenzar mi rutina de #ejercicios y ver esta #bellaseñora con todas las energías del mundo #💪 #memotivo a #hecharleganas también #lainspiraciondehoy fue ella #meencanto😍 #cuerposanomentesana

August 2019
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Richard Billingham born in 1970 is an English photographer and art teacher. It is just about 30 years since Billingham picked up a camera and focused it on his alcoholic father, Ray, and his violent mother, Liz, and the Black Country council flat in which they lived. The pictures were intended as studies for paintings, but they took on a life of their own. A tutor on Billingham’s art degree course at Sunderland University came across the photographs in a plastic bag and Billingham ended up displaying them in all their flash-lit squalor: toothless and shirtless Ray cradling pop bottles of home brew; Liz, with her lavishly tattooed slabs of arms and vast floral print frocks, lost in her jigsaw puzzles or TV dinners. Taken together – “Ray’s a Laugh” is what Billingham called them – they seemed to provide a tragicomic through-the-keyhole of degraded post-Thatcherite Britain. Charles Saatchi included Billingham’s work in his 1997 Sensation show, alongside Damien Hirst’s shark and Tracey Emin’s tent. The pictures and a book called "Ray’s a Laugh" travelled the world, establishing Billingham as an extraordinary documentary photographer. Up until their premature deaths about a decade later, Billingham’s parents were mostly oblivious to the fact that they had generated a Turner prize nomination and global gallery fame. Billingham, however, who made his reputation as an art photographer on the rawness of those pictures, still felt he had unfinished business with them and with his adolescence. The result of that is "Ray & Liz" , a feature film he has written and directed that breathes claustrophobic life back into the original stills. shortlisted as an outstanding debut by Bafta and won the same category at the British independent film awards in 2019. 📸 ©Richard Billingham.

2 weeks ago
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⠀⠀ 3분컷🙏 ⠀⠀⠀ #2020023 #Daily #HAbro #5#3살 #형제 #세젤예 #세젤귀 #인스타베이비 #instababy #베이비 #베이비스타그램 #아기스타그램 #애기스타그램 #육아스타그램 #럽스타그램 #데이트스타그램 #연애스타그램 #아들스타그램 #하랑스타그램 #아빠껌딱지 #엄마껌딱지 #한강신도시 #아기패션 #baby

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Здравствуйте, мои 25. Этот день рождения мог бы быть совсем другим, но Вселенная внесла свои коррективы. Почаще говорите родным, как вы их любите. 💔 А я что? А я заботливо собрала форму и иду встречать свои "без пяти тридцать" на тренировку. С днём рождения, Надя. Этот день мог бы быть совсем другим... #birthday #mybirthday #dvor_minsk #dvor #dvor_athleticcommunity #functionalfitness #minskgram #instaminsk

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