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Life’s an adventure and 2019 definitely proved that! 6 trips, 3 continents and 1 life changing marathon later, that still rings true. 2019 you were one for the books! As we say goodbye to one decade and hello to the next, I have but one final word...EXCELSIOR! Now bring on the roaring twenties!

last month
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OSJDOENFKFKEKFNRKRJF LOOK AT THIS I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!! (Thank you @pyrope._n_.egbert for sending me this) #Johnegbert #Homestuck #Lovemail #JohnissocuteImgonnacry

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“AYY WE OUT HERE BRUH!!” Awesome snap of the crew taking on the Peruvian desert. Long story short, the desert won.🌵

August 2019
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