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No hay cielo en la tierra pero sí hay pedazos de él. 🗻🌍 (Jules Renard)

3 weeks ago
Tomorrow at 12:30, 18 NovemberLecture at DPA ETSAM in Madrid

Tomorrow at 12:30, 18 November Lecture at DPA ETSAM in Madrid

5 weeks ago

Casa Enrione/ Boyeruca #wmrarquitectos arquitecto colaborador :@emi_lavanchy

September 2019
Ny. Kodak Portra 400. 35mm

Ny. Kodak Portra 400. 35mm

4 days ago
Double wow.... @durbachblockjaggers Phoenix #studiobrightinsydney
2 weeks ago

HABITAT 7 [modulo transportable para ecoturismo] bajo la lente de @maxilarra . . HABITAT 7 se presentó este año en la Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires en la Usina del Arte ! Realizado por IGEO (Instituto de investigación en diseño y georeferenciación de la @umfadau ) en sociedad con TAO paneles ( @taopaneles ), la Cámara Argentina de la madera y Faima . Con la participación de las empresas Dommarco, @rothoblaas.argentina , Ortiz maderas , Vier Abinet, @cetoltendencias y Maderera Grau&weiss.. . . Luego de trabajar en el proyecto y la construcción de más de diez prototipos de vivienda experimental en madera y habiendo probado con éxito varios de ellos, IGEO se propuso aquí, la realización y el montaje de un pequeño prototipo de hábitat temporario basado en la idea de una modulo trasladable ideal para ser colocado en paisajes naturales y para realizar actividades relacionadas con el ecoturismo. Fácil y de rápida construcción; Pensado como un modelo autónomo o como parte de un sistema de ejecución en serie que puede modificarse y adaptarse a diferentes climas; La sumatoria de estos módulos puede conformar o dotar de variantes diferentes a pequeños emprendimientos turísticos del tipo ecolodge que suponen interacciones equilibradas con la naturaleza, la flora y la fauna entendiendo a la arquitectura, a sus habitantes y a todo aquello que los rodea como parte de un organismo continuo y mancomunado. #architecturelovers #ecofriendly #arquitecturaargentina #buenosaires #buenosairesargentina #sustainableliving #sustainable #sustentable #sustentavel #photography #wood #woodarchitecture #lowlife #greenlife #greenarquitecture #ecoturismo #lodge #turismosustentable #hoteles #tinyliving #tinyhomes #tinyhouselife #housedesign #madera

3 days ago

What do you learn and absorb while travelling? The culture, cuisine, scenery, or something else? Will a toddler remember any of it? We have been wondering that and also reflecting how much travel has changed for us. We aren't strangers to life on the road. Travelling is my job, I have ventured to around 100 countries and always have tried to find something unique and memorable where I go. With Elena, we are noticing the scenery yes, but more how cultures interact with a little one. In Canada, we have mostly been in a bubble with her. Friends and family cuddle, strangers are always at a distance. In Korea, every where we went people couldn't resist cuddling her and she received an enormous amount of gifts (food) from people who would see her for just a few moments. Photos were always being taken, and it was like she was a star. I couldn't say enough good things about how Koreans treated her. Europeans were mixed in their baby mentality, a little more than tolerating her at times and being extremely lovely in other times. Don't get me wrong, no one seemed to be anti baby and everyone was kind but it was definitely more reserved. In Morocco, she has received kisses from hundreds of people. People want to know her name, her age and any tidbit of info they can learn. She's welcomed like family everywhere she goes and it is very sweet to witness. So we wonder, is this a reflection on our cultures how we treat kids turns into how we treat each other? I think we could all do with being a bit more inviting and kind to each other. So that thought, and a set of a few pictures from UNESCO site that just also happens to appear in a few TV shows and movies.

2 weeks ago
Retrato de @gabcarrillo por @luisgarvan para @grupo_arca en su revista #containermag

Retrato de @gabcarrillo por @luisgarvan para @grupo_arca en su revista #containermag

4 weeks ago


September 2016
lisomva 's post in instagram at Wed, 11 Dec 2019
5 days ago

presents a photo by @richardjsimonsen . N I G H T S C A P E R • Photo Award to Richard Simonsen . Full Moon rise. Swipe left to see another shot taken just prior. - QUOTING Richard: "Two Iconic Mountains and a Full Moon: This evening’s full moon (full in 4 hours) rising behind Four Peaks Mountain, Wednesday December 11, 2019. In the foreground is another iconic mountain, the aptly named Red Mountain." || Please show support to our guest artists by visiting their IG gallery. - TECHNIQUE & EXIF: Single • Canon EOS 5DS R + EF200-400 mm with built-in 1.4x tele extender at 560 mm • ISO 800, 1/320th sec at f/5.6, -2 EV. - LINKS: . . SHOWCASE Your Photo Here: Follow and tag with #nightscaper to be considered for a feature. - JOIN our NightScaper Facebook group (use the link in our bio) to see more great night images and to increase your chances for a gallery feature . . . . . . . . . @NightScaperConference @MilkyWay_NightScapes #nightscape #see_arizona #visit_arizona #hikeaz #igsouthwest #arizonacollective #canonbringit #azcentral #canon_photos #abc15arizona #fox10phoenix #moon_of_the_day #moon #moonlight #moon_awards #moonphotography #moonphases #nightscapephotography #night_shooterz #magic_at_night #nightshot #nightsky #nightshooters #nightpics #nightphoto #night_excl #nightphotography_exclusive #nightimages

2 days ago
Paddling around what felt like a tropical oasis, found in Northern BC.

Paddling around what felt like a tropical oasis, found in Northern BC.

October 2019
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