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First Man Photography has been going for over four years now and I have barely had a day off. Burn out is a serious issue for independent content creators and I think I came very close. Coupled with a torrent of abuse, negative waves, pointless criticism and the ill will I received for trying to make some money following my passion - it was obvious it was time for a break. Not a break from work (which I love) but a break from social media. ▫️ In that time I have focused on getting more sleep, being more active and being present in the moment….especially where my children are concerned. They grow up very fast and each moment spent with them is precious. ▫️ I come back feeling invigorated, motivated and ready to take things to the next level. I will do that through focusing entirely on the positive things and positive people and being deliberate with my time. I have no time in my life for negativity and that includes the bitter and the twisted out there…..I pity you. We live in crazy times but it’s important to remember good stuff happens so much more often than the bad stuff, it just goes unreported. ▫️ Landscape Photographers will know it’s a bit like the great light. From time to time it is shrouded by the cloud. It’s always there though, shining brightly and eventually will burn its way through……it’s then down to us to allow ourselves to enjoy it. ▫️ #landscapephotography #peakdistrict #naturephotography #chromehill #sunset #ordnancesurvey #sunsetphotography #firstmanphotography #trees #peakdistrictphotography

cjc_iow Great post, glad you had a good break. Happy to support your efforts to earn a living through photography, the raw room is great.

markboxellphoto Fantastic mate! Negative comments always come from bitter people. I'm 40, just started landscape photography, I dont have the best of kit or skills yet I still get excited in going out thanks to people like yourself. Please keep up the good work, many, many of us enjoy watching your work and listening to your Pearl's of wisdom..definitely have a drink on me and motor on! I look forward to your next installment

rawchrisbrown Keep it up👍🏻 love you vids. I have just started to make the odd video and am expecting the criticism to start at some point as I am pretty rubbish at it haha 😂

tom.tanghe Keep up the good work. You're an inspiration for us all. 💪🏻

jdrich92 Keep up the good work Adam 👍

dsutherlandroberts Great attitude!

paulross0102 Well said Adam I love ur videos and raw room I have learnt so much. Keep going with the great content you deliver to us at a pace that you can enjoy life. ❤️

tonybassplayer Just my thoughts but personally I think you get the balance just perfect on your vlogs but totally understand how much time goes in to making 10 to 15 mins of youtube footage. Keep things going at YOUR pace Adam.

templarimages Hope things improve for you Adam! Don’t let the keyboard warriors win ! Your work is up there with the best of them! Carry on clicking pal! 👍👍👍

daxsr Social media can be both wonderful and terrible. I'm glad it's there so I can learn from folks who are willing to put their knowledge out there. Lots of great info that I can get that otherwise would be near impossible. For that I am thankful. I just hate the ones that are working hard to help others, and make money too which is fine, have to put up with so much garbage. I'm convinced it's pure jealousy. Glad you are well.

57northphoto Hi, found your last video really handy and perfectly timed as over the next few days the forecasts a bit of a shocker so I’m heading costal with the filters for a bit of experimenting so hope the rain will play ball and the wind do it’s stuff. Cheers 👍🏻

glasgowdave You’re always going to get negativity from some on the Internet. It’s all too easy for people to act that way. However, it’s background noise and should be ignored. I have to say that I’ve been amazed at the wealth of great content that you put out and your generosity in creating ways to share your knowledge. You’re YouTube videos have inspired me to get more into landscape photography. I’ve had great joy from both watching the videos and from being out photographing. So, thank you 👍

doug_mckillop 👏 Good man Adam. Keep up the good work! 👍

mikechesworth Good on ya. I hope the break brings you back refreshed and motivated. As a fairly new YouTuber it really bothers me to see this hate for somebody just trying to make a living. I hope it goes well for you. 👍

nigelnewtonphotography I don't understand why some people feel the need to be so negative and critical of the work of others. If a particular vlogging photographer doesn't float your boat, just focus on the ones who do. Great post, Adam, and as a father myself, I can fully relate to your comments on that. Hope you enjoy many more times with the people closest to you, and keep on doing what you love.

mr_dtravels Glad your back Adam, really enjoy watching your videos. Like you I've had a recent break, it got to the point where I felt like I had to go out to create content. Now I'm just doing it when I feel like. I've just picked up a sony rx100 so when I don't feel like taking my proper gear with me I can just go for a walk or hike, clear my head and if I do see something the little Sony comes out.

iastorgaphotos Good on you! You give some much, what's wrong with trying to make a living by following your passion? Nothing! More power to you, Adam!!!👊🏼

just_lisandra Nice👏👏👏

garykenyon Fab shot.

Posted on 07/10/2019 11:16
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