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Bleeding glacier.⁣ From the bird's eye view, that glacier appeared like an abstract painting. The red color comes from sediments carved down from a mountain by the receding glacier. I’ve seen water turning brown in front of the glacier, but an intense red color I’ve never even imagined. As beautiful as it might look as sad is the fact it might be gone soon. ⁣ ⁣ #svalbard #glacier #north

fabi.trost beeindruckende Bilder!

joshua.a.hoffmann Alter, wie heftig! Mega gut festgehalten. Hoffe du hast deine Zeit dort genossen 🙌

tobi.alfresco Looks so cool! 🔥😍

jolord This is so incredible

five_day_photo It definitely looks beautiful.

lynnlilium WOW 💙😮

lichterfang Absolut krass alter!

christielaraa Stunning

deeehabs That’s absolutely stunning, Mother Nature doing some painting.

deividas So beautiful and in the same time horrible!

jess.does.things 😳😥

prishimluhadiya wOah! That's so cool!!

jamieout Wow. This is wild man. Never seen anything like it.

philippheigel Diese Farben!!! So krass

kurd_desingns https://www.instagram.com/p/B2QyHerAsyR/?igshid=1xolnw8mfug1v

yumn.islam That's awesome!!!! 😄

itsbasion Well done brah! ❤️

charlysavely So jealous you got to see this! 😍

jabrphotos 😍😍

indianajjules Das sieht so ungut aus auf den ersten Blick wegen dem rot. Aber echt heftig schön auch 😍

instamaeliss Incroyable 😱😱

uriupina.d Что это

Posted on 08/09/2019 17:05
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