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When it comes to travel, it’s important for me to stay as flexible as I can. Rigid plans don’t allow me to account for changing weather patterns and unexpected curve balls. Being able to make those small last minute changes is crucial when I’m somewhere for just a finite amount of time. Plus, a little spontaneity just makes travel that much more enjoyable and more of an explorative experience. With @hoteltonight, I have to worry less about booking accommodation in advance and puts my mind at ease that I could be out and about, shoot sunset, and still book a place for the night well after. In fact, the longer you wait, the better the deal can be. It’s one of my favorite travel apps and has saved my butt countless of times. It’s the ultimate travel hack. What type of traveler are you, a last minute one or a stringent planner? #myhoteltonight #sponsored

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Overlooking beautiful Lisbon

Overlooking beautiful Lisbon

August 2018

Today I want to focus on one my favorite world heritage sites: The Völklingen Ironworks in Saarland, Germany. ⠀⠀ The site is a decommissioned ironworks which was in operation from 1881 to 1986. ⠀⠀ This site is really impressive. It is right out of central casting for how an old factory should look and feel. It looks like something out of the last scene of Robocop. ⠀⠀ Supposedly, it was declared a World Heritage Site because it was cheaper to make it a world heritage site than it was to tear it down. It is good that they didn’t tear it down, because there are so few facilities like there where you can get a real visceral feel for what late 19th and early 20th century ironworking was like.
The Völklingen Ironworks was the very first industrial world heritage site. ⠀⠀ The area around it is still used to create iron and steel. I saw railcars carrying molten iron from one facility to another while I was there. ⠀⠀ If you are at all interested in industrial history, I’d HIGHLY recommend a visit. It is a fascinating place and there are few other environments like in the world. ⠀⠀ #everythingeverywhere #curiositynow #unesco #visitgermany #germanytourism #worldheritage #unescoworldheritage #worldheritagesite #völklingen

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😮 @vitrocsaaustralia panels craning into Mona apartments in Brunswick Heads... Masterfully built by @heanesbuilt proj arch: @pjdeasy ...#architecture #brunswickheads #monalane #concrete #vitrocsa #byronbayarchitecture #construction

😮 @vitrocsaaustralia panels craning into Mona apartments in Brunswick Heads... Masterfully built by @heanesbuilt proj arch: @pjdeasy . . . #architecture #brunswickheads #monalane #concrete #vitrocsa #byronbayarchitecture #construction

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Atmosphere....the mood, the feeling, the look we all want when we are out in the field. Those conditions where everything in nature has to line up. The type of conditions we can’t simulate in Photoshop. The look that gives our imagery that ethereal feel. These conditions are rare, but rewarding when given to us. It’s those cold 🥶 mornings when you don’t want to get out of that warm bed. You just want to roll over and snuggle 🥰 a little more with your blanket. Ha! The struggle is real! But yet, something tells you to get up, get dressed, grab your gear and go. Once you’re out in the field, the reality sets in.’s cold as f*ck! You question your intentions...”why the hell am I out here?” It’s calm, it’s cold and the landscape is still. As if the landscape hasn’t woken up from it’s nights sleep. Wait, what is that I see coming off the that mist...fog? Yes, it is!!! It’s all of that! It’s that atmosphere that I mentioned earlier! Everything becomes very apparent. That excitement starts to take over. Ahhhhh that rush! I love it! But then you have to bring it down a notch...relax, compose, focus, pay attention to make sure the leaves 🍁 aren’t moving, be still, don’t disrupt the reflections, compose again, what is my subject, does it make sense🤔? That would be the case with each one of these images. Each scene had its own flavor, it’s own vibe, it own special uniqueness. All the emotions that I mentioned, was put into each one of these images. I love what I do. For more images and info, please visit my website at: #swamp #swampscapes #mood #drama #moody #moodynaturelandscapes #atmosphere #mist #fog #foggy #thesouth #bayou #bayoulandscape #nikond850 #nikonusa #nikonofficial #d850 #d850nikon #naturephotography #landscapephotography #landscape #nature_good #igworldclub_longexp #reflections #reflectionphotography #autumn #autumnleaves #fallcolors #fall #autumncolors

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