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Happy Brunch day! Let’s talk alcohol🍸 . Alcohol takes away from fat oxidation. Alcohol is metabolized differently than your other macro nutrients. No matter what alcohol you choose there will be some type of metabolic disturbance (yes even red wine, although there are more health benefits to red wine than other drink choices). But why does this happen/matter? . 1. Alcohol has no nutritional value therefore our body doesn’t need it, so there is no storage form for it. 2. The body thinks it’s a toxin (alcohol is broken down into acetaldehyde & then to acetate) so it’s the first thing it wants to rid from the body — Bc our body wants to rid alcohol first and foremost, it stops metabolizing fat. 3. Caution yourself around sugar saturated drinks — all those extra calories from super sugary mixed drinks will not be used readily, it will get stored as fat** . Summed up: Per hour, 1 unit of alcohol leaves the body, so depending how long and how much alcohol you drink determines how long your fat oxidation is on hold (Do your math from there🤓). . BUT ON THE POSITIVE...💃🏽 Alcohol is known as a way of unwinding, being great refreshers for social gatherings, a big part of culture, etc. So don’t be scared to have a glass or 2 bc you may “mess up” the bod or gains or stop weight loss. Focus more on enjoying the present moment w the people you’re with instead of having those worries in your head! Have that beverage of choice!#liveabalancedlife #drinkinmoderation #cocktailscience #inspo #infoalert #foodie #cheers #happysunday

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the_sleepy_nurse Thank you so much for the facts! 😊❤️ good to know! You look great gf!

slick_studios Thanks for the info 🙏🏽🙌🏽

_hannahshealth You know I never knew this 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Temporary structures allow designers more freedom to design experimentally and playfully. Their short lives therefore still create lasting spatial experiences. Our Infinity Path was a temporary structure covering a large part of the square on the Chassé Promenade, Installed as part of the BredaPhoto Festival in the Autumn of 2018. The design comprised a raised path offering views to the city while providing wall space below to display photographs as part of the biennial event. The form of the structure takes its cue from the square itself, which was designed by West8—the route follows the lines of the pattern which animates the ground plane The Infinity Path therefore literally brings a new dimension to the space ♾ • • • #mvrdv #architects #temporary #structure #exhibition #photography #infinity #path #design #breda #netherlands #architecture #urban #public #space #openair 📸 @dariascagliola, Ron Magielse, Ole Allin Egebaek

5 days ago
Have a great weekend

Have a great weekend

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Rituales | Cocina para Casa West End | En construcción | #atelierars #architecture #arquitectura

Rituales | Cocina para Casa West End | En construcción | #atelierars #architecture #arquitectura

6 days ago
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