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Las flores están siempre en los instantes que no mueren 🌺

mramriadi Itu kamu dimana

danieltjongari Beautiful 😍😍😍

misskittinn Que bonita!😍😍

oksaniadyah Hi. I'm your new followers. Your post is really my style!! Great to know your account. Greet from Indonesia

parisa_poursaadat 😍😍😍👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

incahearts_ Es verdad! 💕

parsafiroz1366 گلها تقدیم عشق مغرور و بداخلاق 😁😁😁

sakoo.jp 😍

absgrt123 برأي جميلة

goodcomma So fresh and pretty!

be_muslim111 Dear Recipient  We kindly request you to spend a few moments of your time reading this letter because it just might be possible that this letter will open before you a new dimension of your role as a human being in this universe. We hope that you are a free thinking, broadminded, and prejudice-free human being whose goal is to find the truth. Before we continue, let us state to you the purpose of this letter- that this is an introduction and invitation to the way of life known as Islam.

mir.7368 😍😍😍

lavieestbelle.es Què bonita🌸🌼🌼🌼

caroline_south This is so pretty! 🌸🌿💕

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