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UPDATE: Our Southern Nevada Stewardship Team was on a tear last weekend completing two very important projects on the same day! Wild & Scenic Film Festival sponsor, Knit Studios joined Grace Palermo (@gracegoeshiking) with ES² + 23 volunteers to solve a wilderness incursion problem at Boy Scout Canyon Veterans Day weekend. The group spent a few hours using shovels, cans, and feed scoops to fill hollow posts along the cherrystemed Boyscout Canyon Road. Also an issue with hollow mine claim markers, these posts can be attractive for birds that nest in cavities and other creatures, who then can't get back out. This project was at Lake Mead National Recreation Area - National Park Service and funded by the National Park Service! 100 miles to the north, Peter Sbraccia (@peterhenry) led 6 wilderness volunteers and BLM Wilderness Specialist Braydon Gaard into the Arrow Canyon Wilderness. Together, the group vertical mulched and decompacted 240 feet of old road leading up to a wilderness barrier, while restoring 60 feet of damaged desert pavement on a slope where vehicles attempted to go around existing barriers. The disguising of this decommissioned road is important because it will allow the area to heal and return to its natural state, wilderness. Our Arrow Canyon project was funded through a grant provided by NV Energy! Thank you all for helping us Keep Nevada Wild! #stewardship #knitstudios #nvwilderness #volunteers #kidsoutside #optoutside #arrowcanyon #blackcanyon #wilderness

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A new set of images inspired by the bold diagonal lines of the most provocative letters of the alphabet, the letter X, which happens to be the namesake of this seductive scent from the house of @clivechristianperfume. Spicy and woody, it leaves a strong impression — full of strength and sensuality . #CliveChristianPerfume #DiscoverClive #CliveChristianX #sponsored #architecture #icons

Moody Monday mornings have us thinking of the Redwoods... 📸: @embracesomeplace #morethanjustparks

Moody Monday mornings have us thinking of the Redwoods... 📸: @embracesomeplace #morethanjustparks

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morger & dettli - barn conversion, lumbrein 2012. 📷 ruedi walti. #architecture #morgerdettli #switzerland #barn #conversion #renovation #timber #interiors #lumbrein

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People often ask me what my favorite photo is. I always tell them that it's one of my dog, Rango and I sitting in the tent during a cold morning in the mountains. Its a powerful photo that brings back good memories and tells my story as a photographer. I had just gotten fired from a job I wasn’t happy at and wasn’t sure how I’d be able to pay rent, bills etc. I decided to go on an overnight hike to clear my head. After a cold night, I unzipped the tent as Rango and I just sat there enjoying the morning view. During this exact moment, I told myself that I would turn my hobby into a profession. ⁣ ⁣ I never expected it to be easy. I would go out and photograph my local spots and worked with small brands in order to build my portfolio. I was spending more money than I was making and at times I would be forced to sell things I needed such as photo gear in order to feed Rango and pay my rent. I was extremely poor but hopeful that things would turn around for me. ⁣ ⁣ Having to take care of Rango really pushed me and motivated me to become the best photographer I can be. Little by little, the hard work started to pay off. Everything was going well until one day Rango got sick. His results came back positive for cancer. I felt helpless and hugged him as he stared at me not knowing why I was so sad. Instead of going forward with Chemotherapy, I decided to take him on a trip of a lifetime. Drove from San Diego to Alaska while camping in the jeep. This trip was a way for me to thank him for pushing me to become a better person and to develop that one last good memory. We spent 2 months running around Alaska before he got really sick again. The moment that I was trying to avoid finally arrived and there was nothing I could do to stop that from happening. ⁣ ⁣ To keep reading the rest of this story, head over to the link on my bio and visit @liveagreatstory. #LIVEPartner

Snoozin away a rainy Saturday

Snoozin away a rainy Saturday

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