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Post details of @source_interiors.ie

Sneak peek of what is to come on Friday at 10 am.. Finally we are opening our doors 😊 #welovetosource #interiorsstore #newbusiness #interiorsshowroom #lighting #homeaccessories

spbmedialtd Looks great 👌

cocollette Exciting...see you then and GOOD LUCK xc

ailslev Looks amazing Lynn, well done!!! You’re eventually there!!!

didsmeagle Looks amazing

ciarahughesdunleavy 🙌🏼 Fab Lynn

karenwright_tc Amazing - so exciting

niamhdinnigan Wozer looks amazing👏👏👏

anitabehan Looks fab Lynn! Best of luck x

paulasmalahide Looks amazing

nicolalynchmiller Looks fantastic Lynn x

houricansuzanne Looks fabulous! Can’t wait.

wildmeadowwreaths Best of Luck Lynn, looks amazing!!!

haylzster Good luck x

emma_jayne_bermingham So excited to come visit x

sandraj79 Best of luck Lynn, it looks fab!! X

quinnconfrey Looks fab Lynn! Great achievement, best of luck x

wilderandgold Looks fab Lynn, can't wait to visit some time !

yogadreamdublin Can’t wait 😊

lorraine.mcgahan.92 Congratulations Lynn wishing you every success. X🎉

Posted on 14/05/2019 09:24

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July 2019

Climate Change and Trees (Part 2/2): Science has shown that this has been resulting in two things. The first, instead of gradually absorbing the glucose from their leaves, which is what causes the leaves to turn those vibrant colors we all love, they rapidly drop their leaves at the last moment, making them go straight from green to brown, which means no beautiful autumn colors. The other and more serious result of this is that more trees are dying, being caught off guard by unpredictable winters as the temperatures go from warm to freezing much too fast for some trees to prepare. Without having enough glucose stored for the winter, the water inside their trunks turns to ice, bursting the cell walls that hold them together, and kills them off in just a few years. Unfortunately, as climate change is causing temperatures to rise and weather to fluctuate so much each year, this will only happen more and more often. The less predictable and consistent the change of seasons is, the harder it will become for trees, plants, and all living things to prepare for the hardships of living in the wild during winter. I’m afraid that this spectacular season may become a fairytale of the past, which future generations will only be able to enjoy through stories and photographs like these.

2 days ago

Yo! The other day we shot some insane cars with some insane people. Head over to YouTube to see the bts of these shots 😋

Essa vista maravilhosa ⛰️♥️Destaque de @mleonardo70.

Essa vista maravilhosa ⛰️♥️ Destaque de @mleonardo70.

3 weeks ago
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