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Just found this pic in my archive☺️ little Bru ❤️

Posted on 08/03/2019 09:35

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🇷🇺 St-Petersburg changes fast, but some things haven’t changed for years.. * Hermitage, which even after all the renovations looks like flash back to my childhood when mom and myself would visit it every week and listen about ages of history and art pieces.. * Ladies sitting in the museum halls and “protecting” the boundaries of masterpieces are also still there. * So is the light which is special in winter❤️ * This time it was Olivia’s turn to walk the halls of the Hermitage and ask questions about this and that. * Her favorite experience though was a visit to the cafe afterwards😉 #hermitagemuseum #visitstpetersburg #visitrussia

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潮騒の彼方に静岡県松崎町で以前撮影。#mtfuji_fpn #Lovers_Nippon #japan_daytime_view#風景#風景写真 #海岸#fuji#キタムラ写真投稿#富士 #富士山 #mtfuji #tokyocameraclub#潮騒

潮騒の彼方に 静岡県松崎町で以前撮影。 #mtfuji_fpn  #Lovers_Nippon  #japan_daytime_view #風景 #風景写真 #海岸 #fuji #キタムラ写真投稿 #富士 #富士山 #mtfuji  #tokyocameraclub #潮騒

Berlin am Alexanderplatz 🎊🎡🎠🌠🌠 #BERLIN #germany #weihnachtsmarkt #longexposure

Berlin am Alexanderplatz 🎊🎡🎠🌠🌠 #BERLIN #germany #weihnachtsmarkt #longexposure

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| tribe 🌳🌳 🇬🇧/🇪🇸 | . 🇬🇧 Over this period away from Instagram I have been busy like maybe only when I was finishing my PhD. I guess I am a recovering scientist, because in this world scientists are too often punished, just like artists are. But like artists, scientist are also a stubborn breed. In this time the concept of tribe has been in my head. Maybe because diversity seems to fashionable now. I wonder if those following the trend really take the time and the heart to listen to those that are different. I fantasise that Lisbon buildings listen to the trees around even if they are so different, and i bring that metaphor with me into my everyday. When was the last time you caught yourself giving your fullest and unbiased attention to someone very different from you? . . 🇪🇸 En este período in poco ausente de Instagram, he estado ocupado, talvez tanto como cuando estaba terminando mi doctorado. Supongo que soy un científico en recuperación, porque en este mundo los científicos son castigados con demasiada frecuencia, al igual que los artistas. Pero como los artistas, los científicos también son una raza obstinada. En este tiempo, el concepto de tribu ha estado en mi cabeza. Quizás porque la diversidad parece estar de tan de moda. Me pregunto si los que siguen la tendencia realmente se toman el tiempo, y el corazón, para escuchar a aquellos que son diferentes. Fantaseo que los edificios de Lisboa escuchen a los árboles alrededor, incluso cuando son tan diferentes, e intento emular eso en mi día. ¿Cuándo fue la última vez que te sorprendiste prestando tu atención total e imparcial a alguien muy diferente a ti? . .

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